It's been a busy few years for Markham, Ontario’s own Jenn Fiorentino. Since first going viral on YouTube, where she’s amassed over eight million views and more than forty thousand subscribers, Jenn has been hitting the pavement with her honest, organic brand of pop/rock music.

     Having toured most of the United States and Eastern Canada, she’s played multiple festivals, shared the stage and supported high profile recording artists Chris Cresswell, Austin Lucas, and Billy Pettinger (just to name a few), and has become a popular fixture at Montréal’s annual Pouzza Fest. With all this momentum, Jenn’s now poised to take her music career to the next level.

     “I’ve had a ton of life experience since my last album, relationships, touring, and working…I think that’s really changed my perspective. It’s easy to lose your path when you let negative emotions hold you back, and a lot of this record is about overcoming those mental barriers so you can move forward.”

     And move forward she has. In Jenn’s upcoming third record “Survive,” anticipated to be released this fall, you hear the more mature sound of a young artist who’s just hitting her stride. This time she’s paired up with producer Derek Downham, who’s worked with top Canadian Billboard acts (the likes of Serena Ryder and Treasa Levasseur), and together they’re shaping a unique sound with a blend of acoustic instrumentation and modern production. The end result is “Survive,” a brutally honest tour de force, filled with sing along hooks, powerful rhythms, and infectious melodies. Her music is an authentic extension of herself, just waiting to be the new what’s next.

     Her voice is gently insightful, wise beyond her years, and expresses a universality that everyone can relate to. Get to know Jenn Fiorentino before she becomes a household name.

-Scott Hallquist